General FAQ
What are Memphis Shades windshields made of? +

Memphis Shades windshields are made from Lucite acrylic, providing superior optics and construction.

What approvals do Memphis Shades products have? +

Memphis Shades windshields and fairings are DOT (Department of Transport) approved and conform to American Nation Standards Institute (ANSI) Z26.1 - 1996, Group 6, Safety Glazing Material for use in Windscreens for Motorcycles.

What are Memphis Shades fairings made of? +

Memphis Shades fairings are made from opaque black Lucite acrylic with an inner structure of textured ABS

What are Memphis Shades mounting kits made of? +

Mounting kits are made from a combination of CNC machined aluminum plates, stainless steel fasteners and aluminum anchors. Trigger Lock kits also contain gray polymer bushings and glass filled nylon latches for a clean appearance that's built to last.

I can't find any applications for my motorcycle, what do I do? +

Memphis Shades continually adds motorcycles to our Application Guides. Check back often and see if your fitment has been added.

Where is Memphis Shades Located? +

Memphis Shades is in Rossville, TN

Where can I buy Memphis Shades products? +

Memphis Shades products are available through the dealer networks of Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties and Parts Canada. Use the Dealer Locator buttons to the right to find a dealer closest to your location.

Picking the Right Windshield or Fairing for you
How do I know what windshield height to purchase? +

Most riders like to be able to see over their windshields. But in order to do this and still get ample protection, the windshield must reach up between the tip and the bridge of a riders nose. If it doesn't, a rider will experience mild to severe buffeting.

Many riders like looking through their windshields, but what they often fail to account for is rain. When it rains everyone has to look over the top of the windshield in order to see clearly. When choosing a windshield it's vital a rider chooses one that isn't so high that he or she can't comfortably extend themselves to see up over the top of the windshield.
For the most accurate fitment possible, please stop in at a Local Dealer near you and use our "Windshield Sizing Guide"

How do I know which HD Replacement windshield is right for me? +

Memphis Shades produces different types of HD replacement plastic, each in various heights, colors and gradients. To make sure you get the correct family type, we recommend that you measure the spacing of the hole pattern of your current HD windshield, and match them to the Memphis Shades product.

Can I change my Fats into a Slim or vice versa by purchasing only the replacement plastic? +

No, the stainless steel straps are different lengths. The mounting hardware kit is the same so you will only need to purchase a complete Fats or Slim windshield. If you have already purchased the replacement plastic you can purchase a Fats or Slim Strap Kit to make your windshield complete.

How do I measure the windshield height? +

For Memphis Fats, Slims, HD Replacement and Sportshields, the height is measured from the top of the headlight cutout to the top of the windshield. See below


For Gold Wing, Bagger and Batwing windshields, the height is measured from the top of the fairing when fitted. See below.

I purchased a Memphis Shades windshield, but I think it's too short. What do I do? +

"Prevention is better than cure". For the most accurate fitment possible, please stop in at a Local Dealer near you and use our "Windshield Sizing Guide" .If, after your purchase, you feel that the windshield is not a good fit, we recommend that you contact your Dealer who should be able to assist. If you are still not satisfied, you can contact Memphis Shades Customer Service by email or 901-853-0293 for further advise or assistance.

I bought a Batwing Fairing for my bike and it does not fit, what should I do? +

Memphis Shades Customer Service can help you with any fitment issues. Contact us at 901-8530293 or email us at

When ordering a Fairing for your bike, it is important that the correct style of fairing is chosen along with the mounting kit. Fairings and mounting kits are bike specific. Use the Application Charts to determine which fairing type and mounting kit is right for your bike.

What are the dimensions of a Batwing Fairing? +

The Batwing Fairing is available in several different sizes, each one bike specific. Diagram showing some general dimensions on the current range of products. Click image to open a lager image.

Click image to open!
Click image to open!
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What is a Plates Only kit? +

A Plate Only kit contains mounting plates only, whereas a complete mounting kit contains anchoring hardware (stays on the bike), AND, mounting plates (that stay on the shield or fairing).

Note: Kits with mounting plates are either Trigger Lock kits (no-tool removal) or Quick Change kits (Allen wrench required for removal). Trigger Lock mounting plates WILL NOT go on Quick Change anchoring hardware, and vice versa. (Trigger Lock anchoring hardware is easily identified as it has four 1" polymer bushings, to accept Trigger Lock mounting plates.)

If you have Memphis Shades Trigger Lock anchoring hardware already installed on your bike, you can mount a Memphis Fats, Memphis Slim, Memphis Shades Sportshield, or Batwing Fairing on your bike simply by purchasing a shield or fairing, and the applicable Plate Only kit.

What is the difference between a Quick Change mounting kit and a Trigger Lock mounting kit? +

Quick change hardware allows you to remove or swap out your Memphis Shades windshield in about a minute, using a single allen wrench. The Trigger Lock system allows you to quickly and easily remove or swap out your Memphis Shades windshield or fairing without the use of any tools. A pair of latches lock the windshield or fairing in place until the spring loaded "trigger locks" are intentionally disengaged, allowing the rider to remove the windshield or fairing. See figures below.

How do I clean my windshield? +

Clean your windshield with plenty of soapy water (mild dishwashing liquid is best) and a soft cotton cloth. Use your bare hands to feel and dislodge bugs, or cover with a wet, soapy towel and let it soak. Don’t use paper towels or scrape the surface of the shield with anything.

Can I use a water repellent on my windshield? +

Never use any glass cleaning products, petroleum based chemicals, or cleaning agents with ammonia, bleach or any other harsh chemicals. This includes (but not limited to) RainX, brake fluid, acetone, paint thinner, benzene and gasoline. “If it hurts your nose, it will hurt the plastic.”
The use of glass cleansing agents will cause severe damage to your windshield, and will void your warranty.

How do I repair scratches on my windshield? +

Memphis Shades recommends the use of Novus #2 to remove scratches. The deeper the scratches, the greater the pressure required to remove them. If the surface is dirty, clean with plenty of soapy water first (mild dishwashing liquid is best).

Shake well. Test in an inconspicuous area.

Apply NOVUS No. 2 liberally. Using a clean, soft cloth, polish with a firm back-and-forth motion at right angles to the scratches. Keep the cloth saturated with polish at all times.

When the worst scratches have been polished out, reapply Novus #2 uniformly in a circular motion to the entire surface using short, circular strokes and light pressure. Allow to dry to a light haze.

Using a clean portion of the cloth, buff the surface to a slippery glaze using firm, short strokes. This procedure is imperative in achieving the best results.

For heavy scratches, multiple applications of Novus #2 may be required.

Can I paint my Memphis Shades Fairing? +

Memphis Shades fairings come with a weather proof class A finish and do not need to be painted. However, they are made of Lucite cast acrylic and ABS plastic and can easily be painted using most automotive or motorcycle paint, with little preparation. (Most people have only the outer surface painted, but inner surfaces, including the ABS parts, can be painted.) Some paints contain organic solvents that can be harmful to Lucite and ABS. Paint makers have extensive application information and can make recommendations on specific formulations. Your local painter would routinely know this, and all things considered, having him paint it is preferable to doing it yourself.

My shield is scratched and damaged. Can I purchase replacement plastic for my windshield? +

Memphis Shades makes Replacement Plastic for the Handle Bar Mount, Universal Mount, Fats and Slim product families. Replacement Plastic can be ordered through your Dealer. Part numbers and recommended retail pricing is shown on the Replacement Plastic application chart.

What warranty comes with Memphis Shades product? +

Memphis Shades warrants at no extra charge all product components, metal and plastic against defects in materials and workmanship for 24 months. Lost or damaged parts are replaced at no charge. If the customer feels that paying is the right thing to do, however, donations are accepted payable to the Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital.

How long before my warranty parts arrive? +

Warranty items are shipped via UPS Ground on the day they become available. Memphis Shades does not carry any stock items but endeavors to produce and ship these items within one week, sometimes sooner.

I have a warranty issue, how do I make a claim? +

Warranty claims are handled through Memphis Shades Customer Service by phoning 901-853-0293, Monday through Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm CST, or via email at Please have your product code, serial number and purchase details available.

We use information from warranty claims to make improvements to our process, so help us by providing as much detail as possible. On occasion, we may also arrange to collect your warranty item for further investigation.

Why do you need my serial number when I call for replacement parts or warranty? +

Memphis Shades uses the serial number to verify the part code and manufactured date of the product. For replacements, the manufactured date enables us to supply the correct revision of the part. For warranty claims, the serial number allows us to review the manufacturing history of the product. Looking at the history can help us identify what may have gone wrong, helping us to prevent any future reoccurrence

I lost some bolts from my mounting kit, how do I get replacements? +

We will replace your lost or damaged bolts free of charge. Call our Customer Service at 901-853-0293, or email us at When you call or email, help our Representatives to better help you, by having the product code available along with the make, model and year of your bike. Individual component codes can be researched by using our Mounting Instructions.

I requested some replacement parts, how long before I get them? +

Lost or broken parts, supplied under our replacement part program, are mailed Tuesday through Thursday each week. Bear in mind that requests received late afternoon Thursday or all day Friday will not be mailed until the following Tuesday and may take up to three days to deliver. Likewise, items requested Monday will not be mailed until the next day, Tuesday

Where do I find my serial number? +

On windshields and fairings, Memphis Shades recently changed from a serial number label to an etched lot number. So, depending on how old your product is, you will have one or the other. The serial number label is on the riders side, at the bottom edge, close to the headlight cut out. See below.

The etched lot number is also on the riders side. On a windshield it is located on the bottom edge, close to the headlight cutout. On a fairing, the etched lot number is located on the riders side, midway along the "wing". See below.

How do I find the product code of my Memphis Shades product? +

Depending on the age of your product, your windshield will be marked with a product code in one of two ways. Older windshields have a stamp embossed into the surface at the bottom, near the headlight cutout. The top line of this emboss contains your model code. On newer products the model code is etched into the surface of the windshield, at the bottom, near the headlight cutout. The second line of text contains your model code.

On a fairing, the model code is shown as either a 3 digit number, embossed near the headlight cutout, or is the second line of text etched into the fairing midway along one of the "wings" on the riders side.

Why did I get a request to make a donation to St Jude Children's Hospital? +

The most efficient way to get you back on the road quickly and safely is to send replacement parts at no charge. "If paying is the right thing to do", we ask that you make the check to Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital. Whether you wish to donate and the amount is your choice. That payments go to St. Jude is our choice.

St. Jude is a Memphis landmark institution where no child is turned away due to inability to pay, and is supported solely by charitable donations. Diagnosis of some childhood cancers was once a grim notice, but many of these cancers now have a 90% or better cure rate because of the work at St. Jude.